Kloud Readiness

>Know before you go.

Get a fast, clear and informed understanding of your readiness to go to the cloud and beyond.

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KloudReadiness enables you to truly understand if you are ready to enter a new line of business in the cloud or, if not, learn what you need to do to ensure readiness and success. It takes the place of a consultant by capturing and carefully weighing all the information needed to determine your state of readiness—from impact on your business model and financials to readiness of all your business functions. It can even help you figure out what's next.

  • Saves Time and Money

    Saves Time and Money

    Helps ensure the safety of your business and eliminates the need for consultants by giving you an easy way to understand your current state of readiness and gaps that exist so you can go into a new business with confidence and precision.

  • Does the Work for You

    Does the Work for You

    You fill in the blanks. We do the rest. We take your info and, using a regimented approach, quickly provide a clear picture of where you stand so you can increase effectiveness and profitability.

  • Easy to Use and Understand

    Easy to Use and Understand

    Our automated, proactive decision support framework guides you through easy-to-understand questions to provide key output in a simple Go/No Go format. If gaps exist, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to ensure readiness.

  • Offers Ongoing Usage

    Offers Ongoing Benefits

    It doesn’t end with your results. Use this robust business line assessment tool over time to track your readiness and/or key indicators and even determine what's next. Simply update your information and get a new result to see exactly where you stand.